Tennessee Titans Trade Winners and Losers

Tennessee Titans Trade Winners and Losers

Trading season in the NFL always brings a wave of excitement and anticipation. As the Tennessee Titans maneuvered through the trade market, they left no stone unturned. In this article, we will delve into the winners and losers of the recent Titans trades, analyzing the impact on the team’s roster and their chances for the upcoming season.

1. Julio Jones – The Titans made a bold move by acquiring the superstar wide receiver. With Jones joining forces with AJ Brown, the Titans now boast one of the most formidable receiving duos in the league. Jones’ presence will open up opportunities for the entire offense and give quarterback Ryan Tannehill a true game-changer on the field.

2. Derrick Henry – The addition of Julio Jones will undoubtedly benefit the Titans’ star running back. With opposing defenses having to respect the passing game more, Henry will have more room to operate. The Titans’ running game was already potent, but with Jones on board, it becomes even more dangerous for opponents.

3. Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill has proven himself as a capable quarterback since joining the Titans. With Jones in the mix, Tannehill’s job becomes much easier. The threat of a deep pass to Jones will force defenses to back off, opening up opportunities for Tannehill to find his other weapons. This trade could be the boost Tannehill needs to solidify his status as an elite quarterback in the league.

1. Corey Davis – With the arrival of Julio Jones, Corey Davis finds himself pushed down the depth chart. Davis had a breakout season for the Titans in 2020, but his production may take a hit with Jones’ presence. While Davis will still have a role in the offense, it is unlikely that he will be able to replicate the same level of success as last year.

2. Josh Reynolds – The Titans signed Reynolds in the offseason to help fill the void left by Corey Davis’ departure. However, with Jones now in the mix, Reynolds’ role diminishes significantly. He will still have a role in the offense, but his opportunities may be limited compared to what was initially expected.

3. A.J. Brown’s targets – While A.J. Brown will benefit from having a teammate like Julio Jones, his individual targets may decrease. Brown was the primary target for the Titans last season, but with Jones demanding attention from defenses, his target share might take a dip. However, the increased efficiency that comes with Jones’ presence could make up for any decrease in targets.

In conclusion, the Titans’ recent trades have made them a stronger team overall. The addition of Julio Jones elevates their offense to new heights, benefiting players like Derrick Henry and Ryan Tannehill. However, the trade also has its casualties, with Corey Davis, Josh Reynolds, and A.J. Brown potentially seeing their roles affected. Only time will tell how these trades will pan out, but for now, the Titans look like a team ready to make some noise in the upcoming season.






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